Work in Progress

We are exploring the ability to federated wiki to serve as a video archive for documentary makers. This is work in progress and in true wiki style we are inviting coders and film makers to co-create with us a modern decentralised media pipeline for commons based collaboration.

# Federated research

We are running regular writing sessions in wiki, organised as Research Sprints, where we weave together topics of common and overlapping interest.

Our core theme is the history and Future of collaboration, which we explore in media, text and code. Our goals are long term, where we expect and tolerate a degree of informality in the production of content. Expect to find unfinished pages. Come back and hope to see progress.

# Join us

Join us. You can meet the federation in our weekly zoom meetings, and there are plenty of things to get actively stuck into, from online research, to creative writing, and helping to code microservices or simple javascript plugins.

# Technical developments Federated wiki is an open source evolving social experiment. It is composed of a minimal flat file server, a and a javascript based client that does all the heavy liftng of pulling in json files from foreign servers. It can be easily extended with npm modules that may be no more than a few lines of code.

We are starting with work integrating:

We are currently looking to the next stage of development, and following a number of experiments with ipfs, dat and holochain, we are looking to refactor wiki in deno - see Federation Outpost.

Below are some links to this work:


Knowledge Graphing with new and improved plugins.


Federation Friendly Outposts for advanced computation.

Journal Checker that scans whole sites for problems.

Proper Title Case as resolved by slug equivalence.

Docker All the Things for deployment convenience.

Distributed Assets shared with pages.

Flutter Client for federated wiki

Micropub server endpoints for RSS plugin.

Decision's Reach to impact others.

Federation Analytics with what is not to like.

Coordinated Viewing between wiki and another app.

Sorting and Searching at all organizational scales.

Course Launch Workflow simple and tamper free.

Transient Identity for lan party style sharing.

Automated Pages we'd like to always have.

Exploring Digital Ocean and hangout related ideas.

Missing Neighbors and how to find them. HEIGHT 600