Wiki Meetings

Here we document are regular wiki meets. We organise these daily in the morning in Europe and Japan as our first public performance of the this interactive documentary is planned for August at The Global Summit.

Wiki Meet DATE Thursday TIME 17:30 FOR 60 minutes IN Asia/Tokyo ALSO Europe/London ALSO Europe/Berlin HERE

# Work in progress

In order to aid transparency we look to record our meetings. We look to utilise this practice to develop the techniques of film making structured for flexible, action oriented work groups.

This practice can be viewed as a Rehearsal for the Live decentralised events that we are organising for the performance of the project.

# Mar 29, 2020

HTML5 mp4 Howto create a wiki.


# Mar 26, 2020 (cloud)

HTML5 mp4 Gallery view with slides

HTML5 mp4 Full view with slides


# Mar 26, 2020 08:20 AM London

The following is an example of a meeting recorded to the Zoom Cloud. - Mar 26, 2020 08:20 AM London -

# # Mar 24, 2020

HTML5 mp4 Gallery view (part 1)

HTML5 mp4 Gallery view (part 2)


# Text only meetings