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Welcome to this Proto Institute, where we invite you to play. The question we ask here is:

> How will you play together? You are free to make up your own rules. Together. Or not.

You might want to start learning wiki. The best way is to sit with other people, either in real life or in a video conference, and learn together. For the brave you could explore: - Start Here

# Topics

Let's start with some content.

# Activity

You may wish to see the first steps of your fellow travellers, and give them some encouragement, or build on their work: - Proto Activity - Changes to this Site - Drop in to our Fedwiki chat - riot.im

Or you may like to look at recent writing further afield across the federation: - Filtered Federation Activity - Federation Activity


# Tools

In case you deleted something, or went accidentally offline or purposely started writing offline, you may want one of these links:

# Rosters Below we list some rosters that make navigation easier:

Proto Institute Members ROSTER rest.livecode.world/proto

ROSTER rest.livecode.world/filtered