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We have started a small group conversation about the history and future of wiki for Earth Day. The kickoff zoom began a month ago, for wiki's silver jubilee.

This wiki is work-in progress. It's a place to work and learn together. We organise in learning pods, each with our own personal writing spaces, and meet in Zoom. See below for some views of our: - Activity

We plan the next event to take place on Earth Day (22nd April 2020), where we launch a conversation about issues that we bring to the table as we think about the future of how we work together on this planet as we face an increasing number of complex threats.

VIMEO 402012353 Wiki's Silver Jubilee celebrated in a video call on 25/03/20

Everyone can bring their own themes and issues they wish to discuss and we will use wiki, and video conferencing to craft a social process that we call a conversation. We will publish the result as an open decentralised commons and an interactive documentary.

# Earth Day

Earth Day is currently in planning. Our objective is to create with others an accounting platform for climate change, and impact assessment of sustainable development goals more generally. We have 12 months to build this, so for now we just start the conversation.

# Current Topics

# Topics

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