Storytelling game

A __storytelling game__ is a game where two or more persons collaborate on storytelling a spontaneous plot (narrative). Usually, each player takes care of one or more player character in the developing story. Some games in the tradition of role-playing games require one participant to take the roles of the various supporting characters, as well as introducing non-character forces (for example, a flood), but other systems dispense with this figure and distribute this function among all players - wikipedia

Since this person usually sets the ground and setting for the story, he or she is often referred to as the "storyteller" (often contracted to "ST") or "narrator". Any number of other alternate forms may be used, many of which are variations on the term "gamemaster"; these variants are especially common in storytelling games derived from or similar to role-playing games.

In contrast to improvisational theater, storytelling gamers describe the actions of their characters rather than acting them out, except during dialogue or, in some games, monologue. However, ''live action role-playing game'' versions exist, which are very much akin to theater except in the crucial absence of a non-participating audience.

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