Robin Murray

__Robin Murray__ (14 September 1940 – 29 May 2017) was an industrial and environmental economist and social entrepreneur who advocated and implemented new forms of production and organisation, based on principles of ecological sustainability, social justice and democracy.

He developed his thought through practical projects and experiments. A common thread throughout his work was how collaboration, rather than competition, could be a driving force behind economic development and provide the foundation for non-exploitative and egalitarian societies - wikipedia

Robin Murray was named by The Guardian as one of the fifty people who could save the planet, and worked to establish the London Climate Change Agency with the Deputy Mayor of London. In this episode, we spoke with the late Robin Murray, a prolific sustainability and environmental economist, an advocate for a living economy, and a key player in the birth of the fair trade movement.

Robin alternated working between innovative economic programs in local, regional, and national governments, as well as with academic teaching and writing. His recent work focused on new waste and energy systems and on projects in the social and innovation economy.

In this interview, he described his life as an economist, gave us a detailed alternative economic history from World War II to the present, and described hopeful signs of the emergence of the new economy especially in relation to connectivity and cooperation.

Robin Murray passed away recently at the age of 76. We are incredibly grateful for having had the opportunity to meet and interview him while he was visiting Schumacher College in 2016.