You need to be an admin use to be able to install plugins using the About Plugmatic Plugin - see Wiki Admin and Config Notes.

wiki-plugin-json wiki-plugin-data wiki-plugin-metabolism wiki-plugin-zones wiki-plugin-search

Here we list and document the plugins installed on this server:

wiki-plugin-plugins wiki-plugin-assets wiki-plugin-graph wiki-plugin-graphviz wiki-plugin-cytodemo wiki-plugin-line wiki-plugin-rostermatic wiki-plugin-shell wiki-plugin-soundcloud wiki-plugin-frame wiki-plugin-fivestar

This is the About Shell Plugin:

restart wiki

It requires an admin user to add to the config.json file on the server and for the user to be logged in.

Below is the About Graph Plugin:

Welcome Visitors --> Testing Graph Plugin --> About Graph Plugin Hello <-- World

wiki-plugin-literate wiki-plugin-tally

About JSON Plugin