It is therefore essential to create a platform that is there to serve our governance needs. A good way to picture what we mean by platform is to imagine not simply software - but a type of augmented civil service. There are people involved offering services, we need to build things, and these people need to get paid to deliver these services on behalf of the community.

However because of both the systemic nature of the design challenge, and the inherent governance dangers of providing too much access to private interests to the levers of power, it is important to structure the design, and control and finance of this platform in a way that mitigates conflict of interest, and in which the entire community can have confidence and trust in the systems that govern the allocation of common resources.

# Accounting

A viable system needs energy, and we require the ability to channel and account for these flows of energy. In a conventional company we use money to account for these flows. We need to fulfil the same function - only better.

The accounting function can largely be automated using simple software. The majority of all accountancy needs can be handled by simple spreadsheets.

# Participation

# Deliberation

Deliberation is the administrative function that accompanies research.

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