Never-Ending Drawing Machine

Stories inform, inspire, educate, enchant and entertain.The Never-Ending Drawing Machine is a paper-based platform that blends physical and digital techniques for story creation and allows asynchronous viewing and physical editing of shared content at a distance, creating an immersive, creative experience.

VIMEO 13071798 Never-Ending Storytelling Machine (2012). Developed and prototyped at the Center for Future Storytelling

Users can embed voices and soundtracks to their stories, draw over spoken narrative or collage digital and analog content. The interface maps pre-created digital media and newly captured analog content onto specific pages in the book, while bi-directional capturing and sending of media permits co-edition of the same page.

Captured images are archived and displayed as a new layer over previous content on any other creation-station, collocated or at a distance. The Never-Ending Drawing Machine is also a display on a communication platform.

Developed as an open-ended platform for co-creative and collaborative play, the NEDM has many possibilities including: - a powerful communication tool - an engaging interface for storybook reading and writing - a sharing medium for distance collaboration - a formal learning and teaching tool - a performance art device - an exploration into cooperative authorship - a documentation instrument to archive and research narrative styles.

Developed and prototyped at the Center for Future Storytelling, MIT Media Lab by: - Michelle Chung - Sean Follmer - Edwina Portocarrero - David Robert