Join us?

If the subject matter of this site interests you, if this is something you would like to write about, learn about, or research, we'd love you to drop in.

- Fedwiki chat -

We welcome new writers, artists, researchers, and programmers - all-comers. There is likely to be a niche for your interests somewhere in the federation.

# Wednesday Zoom

Each week on Wednesday at 18:00 GMT you can drop into the Zoom meeting below and meet the federation:

__Topic:__ Weekly Fedwiki Hangout __Time:__ 18:00 GMT -

Conversations are informal, with a few regulars and most weeks, we welcome a new face or two.

# Get involved

We structure this collaboration as an open think tank, where you own your own data, keep your own authorship, copyright, but free your thoughts to flow in dialogue (with accreditation).

There are a number of places in the federation where you can create you own sub-domain and personal writing space - all it takes is a couple of clicks to Create your own site.

Your writing space, is yours - no-one else can write on it. But you can start collaborating straight away, and join or form your own pod or research group.

# Help us build

We do not believe in classic corporate legal structures as the way forwards as we look to organise our activities around broader and deeper human values.

We do not believe in Users, pushers and customers. We look instead to partner with you as a Co-creator and Legal Owner of what we build. We believe in Federated assemblages of cooperatives.

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