Interactive Documentary

We are building a team of people to co-create a documentary about the History and Future of Wiki. We are developing a set of techniques and styles that enable us to make documentaries in a new way - authored from the ground up for remixing and interactivity.

# Small Chunks

We are breaking videos into small chunks - short segments that we mark up with metadata and treat as standalone components that may be used in many ways in the current or future productions. See glitch video.

# Linked and structured

These video chinks are inter-linked. They are linked to each other in specific structured ways that enables navigation, and meaningful and quick authoring of content into coherent narratives.

# Video Archive

We use wiki to organise a federated archive of video fragments. Video can be stored in many places. We use Vimeo to organise production storage and hosting, and to enable remote teams to collaborate on edits.

However wiki allows us independence from any particular storage service. We only use services with API's that allow us to move videos around from one place to another. We encourage storage of video in open formats, and work together to build community hosted decentralised archiving of content.

This video archive is something we therefore invite a community to build together. We use wiki as a means to prototype this process, and evolve the software we need to improve the efficiency of the creative process.

# Licensed for remixing

These components are all licensed in a way that is designed to make re-use and remixing possible. We also use licensing to provide a way to finance the creation of free culture content suitable for easy remixing..

# Interactivity

The documentary material is presented in a way that encourages interaction, and the prime mode of interaction is conversation. We seek to engage audiences in online, physical and new forms of conversation around the material - in particular in ways that lead to action.

# Glitch Videos

We have developed a format that is designed for interaction and remixing that we call glitch videos. A glitch video is a short video that is structured in a standardised way so that it can easily be combined with other glitch videos to form a linear or non-linear narrative sequence.

# Performance

These interactive documentaries are designed to be "performed". We anticipate inviting audiences to view the documentaries, and enter into conversations with us that lead to action. Our creative objective is to make these interactions entertaining in some way. They should be lively events.

A central interactive concept is the idea of a provocation. The formats we build are designed to be released in stages. First we release the interactive documentary as a series of interlinked provocations, and invite a public to take part in world café style live events that we can perform both online and at physical venues.

We imagine a number of ways of doing this performance and invite artists to take the content we produce, addmix it with their own content, and design their own performances to engage the pubic.

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