Glitch Video

A __Glitch Video__ is a short video that is structured in a standardised way so that it can easily be combined with other glitch videos to form a linear or non-linear narrative sequence.

VIMEO 392501234 A glitch video showing how CIVIC enables the forking of best practice, and it's application to other smart cities in their own context.

This is achieved by adding a glitch to the end of the video, and by providing a range of other tools and narrative structures that support the creation of a navigable glitch video archive of video clips.

We aim to implement software for desktop (dApp), and mobile that can create: - Glitch Title sequences - Glitch Cut sequences

and combine these to create a glitch video. When a video is assembled this way they can be ordered end to end, and combined with other formats to easily create rich video narratives. See Glitch lineup examples

# Aim

Our aim here is to make it super easy to create these short video pieces, and to format them in a way that they can easily be recombined and mixed in as wide a range of narrative sequences as possible.

# Technology

Importantly the Glitch Narrative style has been designed to be scaleable. It is intended to be easy to create manually, but more importantly to automate using new software tools.

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