Game storytelling

Every game has a core mechanic. A core mechanic is the essential play activity players perform again and again in a game. Sometimes, the core mechanic of a game is a single action In a footrace, for example, the core mechanic is running. In a trivia game, the core mechanic is answering questions.

> What are the core mechanics of a game?

The notion of a core mechanic is a crucial game design concept, and one frequently taken for granted in the design process. Concepts for games, particularly digital games, often begin with an idea for a story or character, to take place within an established commercial genre. This is a valid way to start a design process.

- # Immersive Storytelling

However, in focusing on the “high level” narrative elements of a game, game designers can miss equally fundamental questions that concern the core mechanics and play experience. Game designers don’t just create content for players, they create activities for players, patterns of actions enacted by players in the course of game play.