We encourage you to experiment, to get lost, to ask questions. This is an activity we play together. Sometimes.

# Something we make This activity is not about learning a piece of software. We are not here to learn how to use federated wiki. We are here to make federated wiki, to get involved in the design process, to create a tool that fits our purposes.

It is easy to get into the mindset, especially if you are not used to creating software yourself, of "how do I use this?". This is not our task here. Instead we are asking: > What is it we want to make?

With that in mind when there is something that does not work the way we want, or if we begin through our experiments to see a tool or a solution that would enable us better to collaborate - then we should imagine this, write it down, sketch, draw, and discuss in detail what it is that we need to build. To that end we look to create a:

# A social experiment

You can play alone. You have your own space. But we have Medium, or WordPress for that. You can work together on a common task. But there are Hackpads, conventional wiki's, and Google Docs for that.

If you want to be alone, or work together in a team, there may be better places for you. Here we explore being together and alone at the same time. We call that being social. It is a place where we encourage the writing with strangers.

The essence of our experiment is to innovate in how we work together. As such do not expect to use any traditional working methodology, be that how a business operates, or how open source software is developed, or how Wikipedia works, or how we organise in Occupy. This medium demands something new. It expects us to learn from the past and build new diverse modes of working that others can copy.

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