Decentralised Media Pipeline

In this time of pandemic, where in-person collaboration, and filming is often impossible, and certainly ill-advised, it has become even more relevant to explore how filmmakers can work together remotely to tell stories of urgent importance.

In this wiki we document the processes we have been exploring over the last few years with regard to how we hold conversations across space and document these, sharing files and production techniques that allow us to tell Global and Local stories of relevance to modern times.

In out daily wiki meetings we discuss these issues, documenting our thinking, processes, and software tools that we develop to make this work possible.

The files below are stored in the assets folder on this wiki. They are uploaded to the server more or less as they are exported from Zoom to the local file system.


# Collection strategies

We look to collect media from the following sources:

# Archive Structure

We need to consolidate the research we have done on media archives, and establish simple procedures. However our requirements are unusual.

No single archive will be used. Different people in different locations, with varying preferences will use archives of their choice. We are not in the business of creating a rich fast searchable central archive. Rather we are looking for: 1. flexibility (our requirements will evolve) 1. creative (we use it for story telling) 1. meaningful (rich semantic metadata) 1. accredited (provenance, licensing and authorship)

We opt for the following stylistic preferences:

- graph oriented

And have the following technical requirements (for now):

- simple programmable api's

We seek to be able to move media from one archive to another.

# See also