Collaborative Media Production

Here we start to research the history of collaborative media production. We start with a Kickoff Zoom and collecting some links and articles in a real-time writing platform like Dropbox Paper (below).

Drop any web page on the transporter below to bring content into the federation with appropriate accreditation.


# Carlos Yarza

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Also found this interesting paper; but you need to pay for download. David told me there are ways to go around it -

YOUTUBE a3ki2AWvWtI Collaboration for Creatives (2020) ▸ Remote working for video and creative production teams

# Diego Iñiguez

VIMEO 158471656 RDE 2016: Creative collaboration through interaction. Dalziel & Pow -

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- Congress about the future of storytelling

- WHERE DOCUMENTARY MEETS NETWORKED CULTURE - Collaborative video editing tool

# Petr Tanko


# Digital Product

# Fact Checking -

# User Experience

YOUTUBE IGQmdoK_ZfY The Monkey Business Illusion.